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17+ Incredibly Effective Language Hacks for the Self-Taught Polyglot (or ANY Language Learner)

Want to learn a foreign language on your own? No problem! Just follow these tips…

1. Find content that fascinates you

2. Shadow native speakers

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3. Flood your brain

4. Master the new writing system ASAP

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5. Find (and learn) the most common words first

6. Transcribe novels

7. Hand copy song lyrics

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8. Learn grammar rules AFTER you’ve used the above methods

9. Learn new vocab in sets

10. Ouput in your target language, regularly

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11. Use your 2nd language to learn your 3rd…and so on and so forth

12. Transcribe a movie scene/video

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13. Learn the culture and philosophy

14. Raise the stakes

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15. Learn Rap

16. Use Free Technology (Duh! ;D)

17. Mix Methods

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Bonus Tip: The Do’s and Dont’s of Learning a Foreign Language

You Can Learn ANY Language, Anytime

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