The following books are real door stoppers. I mean that physically and metaphorically.

For this month’s “5 Best” booklist, I chose books that not only plumb the profound depths of our human experience, but do it brilliantly — with page-turning storylines that make the thousand-or-so-page-long experience feel like a too-short…

About The Chosen

The Chosen is a multi-season “binge-able” TV series based on the life of Christ and his disciples. It’s the biggest crowdfunded project in the history of TV crowdfunding, not just for faith-based projects, but ever.

Pre-show disclaimer

(Brief episode summaries below are taken from The Chosen’s free app. …

September was mostly a nonfiction month, with the surprise sci-fi novel thrown in for kicks and giggles :)

As mostly a nonfiction mood reader, that wasn’t surprising. What was surprising was: One of the books made me cry buckets of tears. …

Classics are called “classics” for a reason: They stand the test of time.

Another thing that stands the test of time is a father and mother’s love for their children.

Sure, there are always the rare unfortunate exceptions, the flies in the ointment, the porcupines among the pangolins.

But for…

August was surprisingly more fiction-heavy than usual. We’ve got two ancient history retellings, a story about life from the dog’s point of view, and then a performance-mindset/learning book masquerading as a book about tennis.

To see how I did this last month with my To Be Read list, keep reading!

Ever wanted to learn a foreign language, but not sure where to start or how to go about the process in the most efficient way?

That’s what this book list is for!

Some of these books are written by accomplished polyglots (those crazy people who can speak in a dozen…

When it comes to great stories, there are certain scenes that you could revisit over and over again — or at least I can.

In The Chosen, there are several moments like this. …

In this final episode of the Chosen, Season 1, Jesus deliberately insults everyone (including some of his own disciples) by choosing to associate with those deemed unworthy of social notice. And the results are explosive.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: Read this article AFTER you’ve seen the show to avoid spoilers…

In this episode of the Chosen, Jesus has a famous conversation with the doubting leader of one of the groups that hated him the most, and calls an unusual man to be one of his latest disciples.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: Read this article AFTER you’ve seen the show to…

In this episode of The Chosen, Jesus begins his public ministry of performing miracles, and we see the Pharisees and Romans sit up and take notice…and not because they’re looking forward to welcoming the new rabbi with open arms~

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: Read this article AFTER you’ve seen the…

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