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Memory is the foundation of all knowledge. So why don’t we learn how to memorize things well in school? If you’ve ever struggled to remember names or faces, shopping lists, that crazy brilliant idea you came up with at 1am but forgot to write down, you need this book.

In The Memory Book: A Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas, two award-winning memory-ists teach you their simple yet genius methods for remembering everything from words to numbers to names, in sequence or out of it.

The first few chapters cover familiar ground, especially if you’ve already read Dominic O’Brien or Gabriel Wyner’s work, but the latter chapters contain surprising and useful material. There are also many interesting topics not covered in other memory books I’ve read, including music, politics, and more.

The methods inhere go beyond the method of loci and other well-known memory techniques. This book is definitely worth checking out if you want to improve your mind and life.


Jerry Lucas has a special gift for mentally alphabetizing any word instantly, turning it into gibberish.

Harry Lorayne never received a formal education and has an average IQ. He loved card magic using a simple system, and then thought to use it on his studies. He compiled a bibliography of all the material available on memory training and devised systems and started performing memory tricks, writing books and teaching courses.

Chapter 1 Some History of the Art

Memory systems date back to the early Greeks and Romans. Orators were able to accuratey deliver long speeches with them using the method of loci.

The ancients knew that memory training could help the thinking process itself: “A great and beautiful…



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