How to Change Yourself In 10 Seconds or Less — The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman

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We read and watch stories because it is a kind of lower-cost virtual reality, especially back before there was such a thing as virtual reality. When we read/watch stories, we get to walk in the footsteps of the main characters of these stories for a few hours. Feel what they feel, experience what they experience. See life from their perspective.

But have you ever considered what it would be like to be able to slip into a particular character or persona’s head space in your own life? That’s what The Alter Ego Effect is all about. In this book, Todd Herman, specialist in the mental game of high performance, explores this one major strategy that many successful athletes and actors have used to, in a sense, “become someone else,” or perhaps, another angle of themselves. It’s a fascinating concept, and worth some consideration!

Chapter 1: What’s Your Phone Booth Moment?

Superman is known to duck into phone booths to transform from Clark Kent to Superman.

Most people think Superman is the alter ego, but actually, that’s the original identity, and Clark Kent is the alter ego.

If you want something, go get it. And if you want something faster, go get it with a great mentor.

Story: Herman was once surprised by a struggling young student athlete who always failed at critical moments. This athlete, Anthony, snuck out of his house at 4am to go to Herman’s Sports Club and impressed him. They worked on his alter ego. He liked panthers (nickname “Ghost of the Forest”), and came up with the name, “the Black Ghost.”

Your imagination can build ordinary or extraordinary worlds. Up to you.

Chapter 2: The Origin of Alter Egos

Shep Gordon is a Supermensch, the “unfamous man who made everyone famous.” Including people like Jimi…



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