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My Top / Favorite Articles From 2018

A 2018 Retrospective

This past year, I wrote and published over 200 articles on Medium, mostly in the categories of writing, books, health (mental and relational), and faith/relationships.

So as a final goodbye to 2018, I’ve gone back and picked out a few of my favorites to share. These are articles either I’ve found personally meaningful, or readers have expressed particular interest in.


Writing Strategies

5 Ways to Come Up With Ideas When You Have Nothing to Write About

  • Because all writers face this problem sooner or later 😉

How to Write Irresistible Headlines that Entice, Intrigue, and Insist on Being Read

  • The gateway to great article writing.

Good Writing is Not Written, It’s Assembled

  • Derek Halpern and Ryan Holiday’s techniques for writing well.

Want to be a Great Writer? Then Don’t Focus on Writing. (Do This Instead)

  • Lessons learned going from 0 to 100 mph as a writer in 1 year.

These 10 Strategies Will Springboard Your Writing Success on Medium

  • For those new to the wonderful world of Medium, or those who want to improve faster.

Thoughts on Health and Personal Development

The Secret of Eliminating Unnecessary Pain

  • The biggest struggle we all have that causes us significant avoidable pain.

Secrets of Eternal Youth from a 92-Year-Old Two-Time Cancer Survivor

  • Lessons learned from my grandparents

The Single Most Powerful and Effective Way to Change…Someone Else

  • Because mental illness is on the rise and more and more people are going to need the assistance mentioned in this article.

How to be a Life-Saving Friend to Someone With a Mental Illness

  • One of the most personal essays, based on real-life experiences from both sides of the table

8 Reasons Why Being Old is AWESOME

  • There’s no need to fear aging — instead, we can embrace it!

It’s Not Too Late to Live The Life You Never Knew You Wanted

  • A true story about a drug-and-sex-addicted prodigal who made a 180-degree turn gives all of us hope that we can do the same.

On Faith & Love

Spiderman Was Real: And He Saved 75+ Lives During WWII

  • The story of one of my personal heroes. And the “Spiderman” part is not clickbait.

7 Simple Ways to Feed Your Spirit by Memorizing Large Chunks of the Bible

  • Methods that have helped me memorize hundreds of verses (and turn some into music!)

What You Don’t Know About Love Could Destroy You

  • Wrote this because of growing concern over the many dangerously incorrect views of “love” that are being passed off as legitimate.

Jesus Was Not Nice — And You Shouldn’t Be Either

  • Because inaccurate views of Jesus lead to massive misunderstandings among people — Christian and non-Christian alike.

The Story of the Entire Bible, Part Two: Detailed Synopsis

  • For those who have never read the Bible cover to cover.

Dear Arooj

  • A fascinating discussion with a devout Muslim writer

What Does it Mean to Trust God

  • This article triggered some interesting conversations.

Books That Made a Difference in My Life This Year

Willpower Doesn’t Work

  • Ben Hardy’s bestseller on how to ACTUALLY achieve your goals, without relying on your unreliable willpower.

The Compound Effect

  • Darren Hardy’s how-to handbook on the power of small gains over a long time.

Man’s Search for Meaning

  • Viktor Frankl’s classic Holocaust memoir and explanation of logotherapy, man’s will to meaning.

Story Genius

  • Lisa Cron’s brilliant analysis of what makes a story really work, and how to write an effective story of your own.


Why Not Me?

  • Musical poetry

Church Musical: A Musical Play in 4 Acts

  • The first of its kind that I’ve written 😃

2 Powerful Quotes That Changed My Worldview

  • A response to a reader’s question about how to overcome selfishness.

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Sarah Cy

Sarah Cy

(aka The Scylighter). Writer, musician, reader, daughter. Join our Merry Band, become a Brilliant Writer, and dazzle your readers!

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