This One Tool Can 10X Your Memory and Learning Ability— Mind Map Mastery by Tony Buzan

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10 min readJan 13, 2019


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About Mind Map Mastery

How do you learn something quickly and well? You need a way to hold and process information, of course. But you find that standard notetaking is not the most effective way to memorize and understand things. Instead, have you tried mind maps?

Mind Map Mastery is a short but helpful book written by the inventor of mind maps himself, Tony Buzan. Buzan describes how mind maps work (by mimicking the way the brain thinks), what makes a mind map a mind map (and other mapping techniques that are similar, but not the same), and how you can use mind maps (not just for academic subjects, but for making life decisions, resolving conflict, etc.

I personally use the mind mapping system as a daily/weekly planner, and am experimenting with using it for other topics as well.


Buzan first created mind maps after studying psychology, neurophysiology, neurolinguistics, semantics, information theory, memory, perception, and creative thinking. He…



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