Unconventional Success Advice from a Professional Cartoonist — How to Fail at Almost Anything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams

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Sarah Cy
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About How to Fail at Almost Anything

Written by Scott Adams, creator of the snarky Dilbert comics, How to Fail at Almost Anything and Still Win Big is part how-to book, part litany of failures that turned into success.

Adams celebrates failure as a stepping stone to success, and exposes many ways he failed over the course of his professional life and how all of that failing led to his eventual massive success as a professional cartoonist.

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Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: The Time I was Crazy
  • Chapter 2: The Day of the Talk
  • Chapter 3: Passion is Bullshit
  • Chapter 4: Some of My Many Failures in Summary Form
  • Chapter 5: My Absolute Favorite Spectacular Failure
  • Chapter 6: Goals Versus Systems
  • Chapter 7: My System
  • Chapter 8: My Corporate Career Fizzled
  • Chapter 9: Deciding Versus Wanting
  • Chapter 10: The Selfishness Illusion
  • Chapter 11: The Energy Metric
  • Chapter 12: Managing Your Attitude
  • Chapter 13: It’s Already Working
  • Chapter 14: My Pinkie Goes Nuts
  • Chapter 15: My Speaking Career
  • Chapter 16: My Voice Problem Gets a Name
  • Chapter 17: The Voice Solution That Didn’t Work
  • Chapter 18: Recognizing Your Talents and Knowing When to Quit
  • Chapter 19: Is Practice Your Thing?
  • Chapter 20: Managing Your Odds for Success
  • Chapter 21: The Math of Success
  • Chapter 22: Pattern Recognition
  • Chapter 23: Humor
  • Chapter 24: Affirmations



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